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Launch Weekend

Meeting together for the first time in the beautiful Dunscombe, we put up our tents (for sleeping and rehearsing) and played with the truck!

The first read through of the play allowed the cast to be properly introduced both through the enjoyment of the writing and seeing each other's characters emerge. We then spent two days playing around with the story, our characters and their journeys. Exercises included more traditional hot-seating, a less traditional 'Flintock's got talent,' and we debated the themes of the play endlessly over lovely food and wine. Joined by the chorus, the costume team and some techies on Sunday we realised the strength of the team.

Out on the fields we put together some music and devised the opening, transferring the energy and rhythms on a big scale. Balancing silliness and serious understanding of the whole story, someone suggested we were coming at the play 'sideways.'

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