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Before every performance at Exeter Rougement Gardens and throughout the tour, expect live music and entertainment created in collaboration with the communities we're travelling to.




Alan Hooper

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens (28 May)

Barnstormers Ceilidh Band

Performing at: Exeter Rougment Gardens (29th May) & Kentisbeare (Fri 13 June)

Chris Billings

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens ( 29th May)


Performing at: Shobrooke Park, Crediton


Devonbird is a Devon-based trio who perform original and traditional folk tunes, many of which are inspired by their passion for local folklore, rural landscapes and singer/songwriters such as John Martyn and Martin Carthy .


A firm favourite at many traditional folk clubs and festivals, the trio reached the final of the South West Music Awards 2013, after being nominated for the Best Folk Act award.


Performing at: Shobrooke Park, Crediton

Etchechuria are Beth and Jack Robson, a folk duo specialising in British and American traditional folk songs. After a visit to a music festival in Holland, where we saw a fantastic act performing what they described as 'necro-pop' because someone always died during the song, we decided to rechristen our music Necro-Folk. They are songs of love and loss, longing and heartache, often with a tinge of the supernatural.

We have been playing around Devon together since early 2013, having previously been in many bands and acts playing folk, world music, prog rock, r&b, blues, soul, opera and showtunes. We are also both members of the quartet The Wee Free Men, playing bluegrass, alt-country, cajun and blues-orientated material.

We are very much looking forward to playing for the audience at the performance of 'Jerusalem' at Shobrooke Park in June.


Flying Colours

Performing at: Torre Abbey, Torquay

Greg Hancock

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens ( 28th May)


Nearly forty years since I wrote my first song. I was a 3 or 4 chord strummer and bad Dylan-clone until I heard Nic Jones and Martin Simpson play on the same day at a folk festival in Essex in 1980. It changed the way I played the guitar for ever!


I did a few public shows in my early twenties, but never really enjoyed it and became a bedroom player, much more interested in composing than anything else. I spent many years overseas and only returned to the UK in 2012. This time I decided to at least see what reaction I got if I sang in public. luckily it was generally very encouraging and sice then I have become a regular performer on the local acoustic scene


Performing at: Torre Abbey, Torquay


Young or old, or somewhere in between, whether you’ve never heard a note of classical music, or are an experienced musician yourself or even if you prefer other types of music,  there’s an iOrchestra experience waiting for you.

iOrchestra lets you experience first-hand the incredible soundworld of an orchestra through a wide range of interactive projects, workshops, school and community groups work, online resources, performances and volunteering opportunities.

Jerry Cahill

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens (27th & 30th May), and Glimsters Farm, Kentisbeare.


The regular Glastonbury performer takes listeners on a psychedelic folk expedition with American primitive guitar.

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Jess McAllister

Performing at: Shobrooke Park, Crediton.


Jess McAllister's music is wholesome, passionate and free-spirited. Her song-writing is informed in equal measure by the spontaneity of live performance and an imaginative outlook on life.


There is a tangible tenderness to her honey-dipped vocals and an uproarious fire to her foot-stomping acoustics, which guide captive audiences from raucous appreciation to enchanted, spellbound silence.


Jess released her debut EP, 'Painted Faces' towards the end of 2013. The songs feature sensual piano composition and delicate vocal harmonies, interwoven with cello, double bass, violin, mandolin, and drums. 


Following a successful tour of the UK with Belfast based Alt-Folk band, ‘The Emerald Armada’, Jess has returned with a new found energy and excitement for playing her music to her growing audience.

Josie Lloyd

Performing at: Exeter Rougment Gardens (29th May) and Coombe Trenchard, Lewdown


Josie Lloyd is one of a rare breed - that is- a female, guitar playing, blues singer and and a very good one too.

She plays blues and ragtime from the early 1900's, along with more contemporary blues material delivered on a steel bodied National Resophonic resonator guitar.

Kevin Spiers

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens ( 29th May)

Marc Woodward

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens (27th May)

Moonshine Serenaders

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens (27th & 20th May)


Fuelled by Moonshine and Shellac records, The Moonshine Serenaders provide swing jazz and jug band music (without a jug) to audiences hankering for a bygone age of swanee whistles, kazoos, wash tub basses, duck calls and many weirder and wonderfuler instruments.

Mummers Play by Brown Paper Bag

Performing at: Shobrooke Park, Crediton

My Black Hat

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens (28th May)

My Black Hat are a Country Blues trio consisting of Ian Gardner, guitar and vocals, Jane Gardner, percussion and Robert Spence, harmonica and vocals.Add Description here

Sam Newman

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens (30th May)

Simon Webb

Performing at: Exeter Rougement Gardens (28th & 30th May) and Glimster's Farm, Kentisbeare

The Boys From Melbourne Street

Performing at: Glimsters Farm, Kentisbeare


Colin, Dave and Keith got together in December 2003 at Dave’s studio in Melbourne  Street Exeter (surprise) just for a get together and to play some back issues from their youthful past just for fun, and to have a few pints afterwards. What happened was a huge connection of musical energy that led to their first CD “Songs From The Heart” being recorded at “Beatski” Studios near Crediton in Devon, which was released by Tabitha Records in November 2004.

They have now written, recorded and produced 3 albums to date "Songs From The heart" "Carpe Diem" and " A Walk In The Park" with a fourth album already written. They plan to re master the first 2 albums and release a Jazz style CD with some new songs as well as the old favourites and featuring Dave Eustace on Ukelele 

The Pack Horse Singers

Performing at: Coombe Trenchard, Lewdown


Led by Kemeny, their music director, The Pack Horse Singers are now in their 10th year. Mainly members of the surrounding community and of Red Spider Company, they perform at local events and for Red Spider, their repertoire embraces all sorts of music.

Troubadour's Garden

Performing at Coombe Trenchard, Lewdown


The Troubadours are an independent acoustic duo, Phil Bird and Anna Georghiou. Producing original songs and instrumentals. They are currently based in Devon and perform internationally.


Their music is acoustic, eclectic and lyrical, sometimes epic, sometimes intimate and mood driven. Folk, jazz, world and classical music have all been cited as having an influence on their music.

Winkleigh Morris

Performing at: Coombe Trenchard, Lewdown


Winkleigh Morris are a mixed side of about two dozen dancers and musicians, including several original members. They perform a variety of dances from Cotswold and Border Morris traditions, and many dances of their own.


Recently they have resurrected the rapper sword dance after a gap several years. From May until September they can be seen on a Tuesday evening around the villages in the heart of Devon, where you are welcome to join them afterwards in a friendly hostelry for further music, singing and dancing.

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