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In a nutshell, we are looking for:


  •  6 outdoor locations across the South West with promoters who are interested in working with us to create a truly memorable event.

  •  Outdoor venues will need vehicular access for our set and space to accommodate 200-300 people

  •  We will work with local promoters and venue managers to help inspire and create the events and they in return will take a percentage of gross box-office


Hilarious and irreverent, Jerusalem charts the struggle of the dubious and charismatic central character to remain true to his values, which appear both seductive and repellent, in the face of establishment.


We believe it will appeal widely – to people who love great plays, to people who enjoy weekend festivals, to anyone who likes partying outdoors. The play is most suitable for people over 14 and there’s more about the original London production at


'An instant, modern classic.' - The Daily Telegraph 


The production will be a semi-professional event once again offering an Uncommon Players mix of 15 professional and amateur performers directed by Anthony Richards.  This collaboration with the Exeter Northcott Theatre will ensure high production values and great marketing support.


In May 2014 we will be performing six shows in a central Exeter park. Following that we will be undertaking a tour of 6 rural communities.


Additionally we want the event to be more than our play on tour and we encourage local promoters to use the opportunity to build a festival atmosphere around the performance, providing opportunities for local musicians and food providers. We hope to collaborate with each venue for it to have its own distinctive flavour.  



In exchange for a share of box office takings we will be looking for promoters to collaborate with us on venue selection and permissions, local marketing, ticketing, hospitality and stewarding. 




If you think you have a suitable venue or you'd like some more information. Then please give Fin, our Associate Producer a shout.  We will be looking to make decisions on venues by Christmas, so if you don't think this opportunity suitable, we will publish our Venues in the New Year and maybe you can get involved in helping promote one of those - more details soon. 


To get in touch please email Fin.


You can see what he looks like HERE




Jerusalem in your community

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