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'Jerusalem is a bold, ebullient and often hilarious State-of-England or (almost) State-of-Olde-England play...[Johnny] is a shrewd, bold, defiant, charismatic, even mesmeric man born out of his time. Imagine King Arthur reincarnated as a troll and you have something of the quality he brings to the debased pastoral he grittily, comically and finally mournfully inhabits ' — The Times


Please note: The deadline has now passed and we are unable to accept any more applications.


About the play

Midsummer's eve, in his encampment on the edge of town, Johnny "Rooster" Byron, ex daredevil rider and modern day Pied Piper, is a hotly wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son, Marky wants his dad to take him to the fair, Troy Whitworth wants to give him a serious kicking and a motley crew of mates want his ample supply of drugs and alcohol.  Johnny want his freedom, as an Englishman living in the woods, and he wants all his friends and acquaintances to rise to the challenge of living the full, exuberent, caring and passionate life he believes an Englishman should aspire to.


About the opportunities

  • Onstage and offstage roles are equally important.   In both areas, professionals will guide and support the team so that almost all the roles in this production will taken on by the assembled company of enthusiasts.

  • This will be an ensemble production; there will be opportunities for the cast and crew to participate in collective action, music and singing.

  • There will be no charge for participating, and a small sum will be paid to all participants to offset some expenses.

  • Although there's plenty of information here, there will be an open session on Thursday 9th January, 7pm at Exeter Northcott, where you will be able to meet the team, and find out more.

  • People for onstage roles will be chosen through practical workshops in February.   People for offstage roles will be recruited in a similar way. Checkout the timetable HERE.

  • You need to submit the signing up form by 13th Jan.

  • The series of four performing workshops will be enjoyable and learning exercises in themselves.  We will play, sing, make noise, learn vocal skills and treat each other carefully over a couple of hours.  Sessions will last for two hours and we ask that you attend at least three.  We will run two identical workshops each Sunday for 20 participants. There is no charge but please take up your place if you are offered one.  After the worshops we will create a cast.


Onstage opportunites    

All these roles are important to the play.  Actors will need to be comfortable with the challenge of creating high energy physical performances which carry outdoors and which are emotionally precise.  You will relish strong text and enjoy actively contributing to an ensemble style of working.

On Stage and Off Stage Opportunities



Playing Age


Johnny 'Rooster' Byron – opinionated eccentric ex-daredevil and teller of fantastically improbable stories, he has a young son whom he rarely sees, and lives in a caravan in the local woods. (This will be the one professionally paid role).


The Professor

Vague and whimsical, the elderly professor spouts philosophical nothings and unwittingly takes LSD



Erstwhile friend of Johnny he's now the local pub landlord, and trying to be a businessman. He is involved in the festivities and has been roped in to doing the Morris Dancing



Underdog of the group, he is older than the others who hang around with Johnny, never having grown out of the party lifestyle. He aspires to be a DJ, but is in fact an unemployed plasterer



Johnny's ex-girlfriend and mother to his child. Firey and tough, and able to take care of herself and her child.


Mr Parsons

Council official


Ms Fawcett

Council Official



One of the local hard-core party girls who live life on the edge and emerge from underneath Johnny's caravan, having fallen asleep drunk there



One of the local hard-core party girls who live life on the edge and emerge from underneath Johnny's caravan, having fallen asleep drunk there



Accordian playing young teenage abbatoir worker who is best friends with Lee, and visits Rooster regularly for free drugs and alcohol. He can't stand the idea of leaving Wiltshire.



Singing stepdaughter of Troy, she is seen at the beginning of both Act One and Two singing the hymn Jerusalem dressed in fairy wings, and then emerges at the end. Is she actually a spirit?



A teenager with ambitions and ideas, he plans to emigrate to Australia the next day, despite having little money to take with him.



Phaedras father, he is an angry and compromised man and badly beats Johnny up at the end of the play



Johnny's son

Around 10

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Offstage opportunities    

A variety of intern and volunteer positions will be available to develop skills alongside a professional team of theatre makers. Each role will be hands on and involve working closely with the core creative team – an ideal opportunity to gain valuable industry experience, while helping us to fully realise this wonderful and exciting project for Devon.



Assistant Director

This role will practically support the production director and lead some rehearsals. It is an ideal opportunity for someone with some experience of directing theate who seeks to do more. Working physically and improvisationally as well as with text, the role-holder will take part in around 75% of rehearsal as well as contributing to production meetings. The role will develop according to the skills and interests of the person. In recognition of the neccessary committment there is an honorarium of £600 for this role.

We are looking for two Stage Technical Assistants to work with production manager Dominic Jeffery and his team at the Exeter Northcott Theatre and the Common Players. This is an ideal opportunity for someone with an interest in any technical areas of theatre to broaden their skills and to work along side a team of professional technicians to deliver an ambitious outdoor production of Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem. The role will include elements of Scenic Construction, Lighting and Sound for the technical rehearsal period, outdoor shows and production tour as well as day to day maintenance of the equipment being used. Training will be given in all disciplines, however a basic understanding and interest is desirable. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Technical Theatre Crafts, this is an ideal opportunity to add a project to your CV that will make you stand out from the crowd when applying to drama schools and colleges as well as other organisations. If you have questions about the Technical Assistant role please contact me by email: Sign up by Monday 13 January.

Digital Marketing assistants

An opportunity to develop marketing and communication skills within a busy theatre marketing department. There is an opportunity for 2 individuals to support the Jerusalem Project as Digital Marketing Assistants. Both will play key roles in the digital marketing and social media campaign for the whole of the Jerusalem Project, from documenting rehearsals to publicising the regional tour. We are looking for two committed individuals who have personal social media experience (ie. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms) and would like to learn how to use these skills in a professional capacity. You will ideally be outgoing, creative individuals who have excellent written English language skills and bags of enthusiasm. This is an excellent opportunity to add a great project to your CV that will really give you the edge if you’re interested in pursuing a career in a professional marketing or PR environment.

We are looking for two Assistant Stage Managers to work along side Production Manager Dominic Jeffery as well as a professional Stage Manager. The role will include supporting performers in rehearsals, building and sourcing of props as well as touring the production around the South West. A basic understanding and interest of theatre is essential for this role. The role will also include basic elements of Set Construction and Re-Lights work for the tour and rehearsal process as well as day to day maintenance of equipment and props. Training will be given in all these disciplines. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Stage Management or Technical Theatre Crafts, this is an ideal opportunity to add a project to your CV that will make you stand out from the crowd when applying to drama schools and colleges as well as other organisations. If you have questions about the Assistant Stage Manager role please contact me by email: Sign up by Monday 13 January.

Assistant Producers

We are looking for two Assisant Producers to work with Associate Producers Fin Irwin & Sophie McCormack. This may involve some travelling around and working in cafes

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